Secret ENIGMA competition: ACTIVATED

Finally, some of you have discovered the hidden UV code in the Derren Brown: ENIGMA posters and activated the next competition.

We know that some of you haven’t had your posters yet and we are VERY SORRY – this is due to the postal strikes, but it seems to be clearing up now.

For this reason, we’re holding off a little while to make sure everyone who ordered before today is DEFINITELY included. Anyone ordering after today can take part in the competition when you receive your poster (you’ll just be a bit behind).

The prize will be announced soon and it’s going to be very nice – keep your eyes peeled for more codes and you’ll know things have kicked off when you see the rabbit…

Derren Brown: The Events ‘How to be a psychic spy’

In the 1960s, in response to a leaked KGB video, the CIA spent millions of dollars researching psychic abilities and, in particular, the possibility of ‘remote viewing’ – having the ability to see and describe an object that is hidden from view.

For this show’s Event, Derren will perform a unique psychic experiment live, with viewers across the nation to see if they can intuit the hidden content of a covered drawing that has been hanging in The Science Museum since August. Remember to have a pen and paper to hand…

You tube videos

Some people who stuck right and proper on Friday night have started posting videos of their immobile selves. Here’s my favourite: a great video of one Vicky Green, who had the foresight, along with many others, to film herself. Thank you, Vicky, for posting this, and I hope you don’t mind me posting it again here.

Please let us know if you’re going to post vids of yourselves stuck: I would love to keep them for posterity.

Hope you’re all up and about now. Slightly disappointed there have been no angry calls to the Daily Mail from the paralysed middle classes: a bit of scandal never goes amiss. We shall wait until Monday to see for sure.