Derren Goes Cruising



Just returned from a wonderful few days aboard P&O’s Aurora, along with Mr Coops and Iain. I’m guessing many of you won’t have ever booked a cruise, or imagine it might be something to do in retirement, but I urge you to reconsider. The atmosphere is immediately, staggeringly friendly, and waking up every morning in a different port is just wonderful. Plus, if you like a bit of solitude, there’s nothing like sitting on your balcony with a great book, overlooking the vast expanse of endless ocean. Just bliss – and that’s without even leaving the ship. I did 3 shows in a beautifully equipped theatre, an interview/Q&A which was much much fun. And met some really lovely passengers, most of them seasoned cruisers.

A big hello, ahoy, and thank you to anyone reading this who was aboard – it was a real pleasure. We’ll be aiming to do it again, and bringing Jennie next time. So if you catch her in the Masquerades discotheque, perhaps you can persuade her to do that dance.

A lovely week. Thank you to all involved for looking after us so well. x

Hypnotize like Derren Brown


Yes yes – we’re well aware of the shameless self promotion at a time like this. But more than a few hundred emails about how to stick people to various surfaces without the use of glue have flown in and we are responding to them. I’m sure we will have more later.

So – you want to learn to hypnotize (going with the US spelling) people. There is a way to do this properly and the mind mingler himself is more than happy to charge you a few quid to do so. There’s some bunkum around the subject and we’re well aware but Mr Brown will put you right.

Learn the key techniques behind successful hypnotism, including the preparation of your subject, inducing a trance and awakening your victims. It is only 38 minutes long – but believe me you really need to study, take notes and practice this audiobook to get results.

Click the button below for a direct link to it on iTunes:
Hypnosis: Tricks of the Mind

As has been mentioned in the comments below, you can also now pre order all 3 extracts on CD at amazon:
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Derren Brown – The Events – How To Beat A Casino

Will Derren’s ambitious final event, in which he stakes a member of the public’s money on a casino roulette wheel, see him win £175,000 for one viewer? After successfully predicting the lottery, Derren plays lady luck again, taking an unsuspecting viewer on a heart-stopping journey as they watch him gamble £5,000 of their savings on the single spin of a roulette wheel. The lucky (or unlucky) viewer won’t even know it’s their cash until Derren calls them.

Also, head over to to view the published results of the remote viewing experiment that some of you may have taken part in this week.

NOTE: Please don’t go ringing telephone numbers that were on the old version of this trailer – some poor bugger out there is wondering what he did wrong! 😉 – thanks.

How to be a Psychic Thief

Watch how Derren Brown gets a stranger to steal a television in DERREN BROWN: HOW TO BE A PSYCHIC SPY tonight at 9pm on Channel 4. After sitting in the same cafe as Derren Brown, this man walks in and takes a plasma television from a shop on one of London’s busiest streets.

In the third of The Events, Derren will perform an ambitious nationwide experiment with viewers, attempting to project a single image into all of our minds. At the end of the show, the image itself will be revealed to see how it compares with the one produced by viewers and to find out whether even the master of the impossible can make the country visualise something they couldn’t possibly have seen.