New Bus Campaign

Had a delightful evening in the company of atheist heavyweights R Dawkins (on great form) and AC Grayling (I hadn’t met him before but love his work: he is particularly delightful in the flesh), as well as David Baddiel, who is always such a bright, switched-on pleasure. For anyone who came along to the Foyles event, I hope you enjoyed it, and apologies for rambling on too long about magic structure when I got asked a question.

Dinner after the event yielded the fact that a new atheist bus campaign is being kicked off. Araine, an organiser of the Foyles evening, a Guardian columist and the editor/driving force behind the Atheists’s Guide to Christmas (on our reading list of course), is behind the bus campaign too. Quite a claim to fame, and the sweetest, least imposing lady you could meet. The campaign focusses one unpleasant aspect of proselytising to children: the resultant labelling of tiny kids as ‘Christian’, ‘Muslim’ etc, in a way that we would never do with, say, political affiliations (labelling a small child ‘Conservative’, for example, seems very wrong). ‘Atheist’ is of course also included as an equally regrettable label to be attached to a child: the message is, to allow children to choose for themselves when they are old enough to decide.

Her column on the campaign is here.

The BBC story on the subject is here.


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New Tour Dates: Birmingham, Liverpool, Blackpool, Bournemouth, Wimbledon, Stoke and Glasgow.

Phillis would personally like to apologise to all those who emailed asking about other locations – we really didn’t know 100% and so I just couldn’t confirm things, sorry to leave you all in suspense.

The waiting has now paid off and if you live in the locations listed above you’ll be happy to hear Derren is coming to town. In total 17 more dates are added including Wimbledon for those of you near London and more Glasgow dates for our lovely friends in Scotland.

I have now been told that there is the possibility of a few more venues. But again I must state – we really do NOT know where they are or how likely they are – the management and tour crew are working hard at it so please bear with us. I’m afraid all we can tell you over email is the usual wishy-washy “yeh but no but yeh” response.

Some venues are sold out so I’m sure if you have a ticket for a town in a distant location that swapping it will not be an issue.

Full Details Here