New paintings for exhibition

Well, that’s how you’d look if you were as overworked as me at the moment. Three new large acrylic-on-canvas portraits – my Mother, me, my Father – ready for my exhibition at the Hossack Gallery, Charlotte St, central London. They look after my paintings and sell prints and originals for anyone who has the wall-space and the stomach to want one at home. The exhibition runs from Thursday (Feb 24th) until March 12th. Details are here.

The self-portrait has been tricky, and involved a complete false start. I realise it may not be the image of quite the sparky so-and-so that you know and love… but hey, things don’t get more introspective than self-portraiture and I find this more interesting. And yes, that’s a more honest representation of my hairline once the very kind make-up artist has removed her handiwork after filming. I’ve been tweeting them as they’ve come together over the past few weeks, which has been much fun. And difficult in some ways: it’s normally the case that I wouldn’t show anything until it was ready.

After many fun years, I’m going to close down the print-sale site and gallery, and hand over all sales and management to the Hossack Gallery. Aside from the originals, they will most likely only sell a very limited range of high-end Giclée prints, so if you’ve been thinking of getting a less expensive digi print, or any style of print of a particular portrait, it might be worth browsing the art site in the next few days while it still exists and they’re still for sale. Meanwhile a small gallery of some of the caricatures from that site along with new paintings will soon be viewable on my main site ( – part of which you are currently reading). And any new paintings will be posted, as they appear, on this blog.

Right! That done , I must use the rest of my Sunday to sign off the Faith Healer documentary special and work on the Svengali script. We open soon. Eek.

Must dash.

Svengali coming to London’s Shaftesbury Theatre – Tickets On Sale Now!

Be prepared for a theatrical roller-coaster ride as the acknowledged master of psychological illusion comes to the West End with his brand new show DERREN BROWN: SVENGALI.

Following a 73 date national tour SVENGALI will reside at the Shaftesbury Theatre, from June 8 – July 16 2011.

Tickets go on sale Friday 11 Feb.

Derren, who professes that he loves writing and performing on stage more than anything else, promises Londoners an evening of mind-melting based around audience participation.

“More than that I wouldn’t want to say”, he says. “I ask audiences to keep the contents of the show a secret so as not to spoil it for others, and I have to do the same. But I hope it’s fun and freaky and a great night out”.

Svengali is written by Derren Brown and Iain Sharkey with Stephen Long and produced by Michael Vine, Andrew O’Connor & Corrie McGuire for Objective Talent Management.

On stage as well as on TV Derren is in a class of his own, exhilarating audiences with his unique brand of intelligent and theatrical entertainment. His Mind Control, Trick of the Mind, Trick or Treat and Events programmes have garnered rave reviews and awards. His specials have provoked much controversy and acclaim and further consolidated his reputation as a performer prepared to constantly challenge and break boundaries. He has also received much praise for his best-selling books, Tricks of the Mind and Confessions of a Conjuror. He has also enjoyed considerable success in America, when his show Derren Brown: Mind Control, was screened on NBC’s Sci-Fi Channel. In Jan 2011 Channel 4 celebrated ten years of Derren Brown on TV with Behind The Mischief, an exclusive behind-the-scenes documentary, followed by the best ever Derren Brown special as chosen by his fans online – a fitting tribute to the man and his amazing talents.


Shaftesbury Theatre
210 Shaftesbury Avenue

June 8th to July 16th
6 shows per week

Prices £50-00 to £25-00 + Booking fees
Phone Booking: 020 7379 5399
Performance times: 7-30pm
Online address:

The performance is not suitable for children under 12 years of age.

My new Art Show

From the 24th February until the 12th March, your infrequent blogger has an exhibition of his more recent portraits at the Hossack Gallery, 28 Charlotte St, London. It’ll be a small show – perhaps six or so large pieces, for sale if you wish and general perusalment. An online gallery of my paintings – mainly the earlier caricatures – is viewable online at, where prints are for sale if you are considering a gift for a least loved relative.

For those of you who are talented and attractive enough to follow me upon the Twitter, you may have seen I’ve been tweeting a work-in-progress of my father in real time as it comes together. The plan is to include this and one of my mother, as well as some of the recent ones I have posted on this here blog.

Some of you do enquire very kindly about buying originals. I sell the originals through the Hossack Gallery and I’m sure they’d be delighted to take any enquiries. They are big though (the ones above are each five feet high), so you’ve got to REALLY want one in your room.

Any enquiries about the art show, please call the gallery on +44 (0) 20 7255 2828.

Thanking you kindly.