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Some dates for the 2012 Svengali tour are starting to appear. We are happy to confirm that the following dates are on sale now:

Manchester – The Lowry:
5, 6, 7, 8 9, 10 March 2012
Click HERE for tickets

Southampton – The Mayflower:
12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 March 2012
Click HERE for tickets

The performance is not suitable for children under 12 years of age.

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot confirm or deny ANY other dates or venues at this point. A lot of fans are emailing to find out if Derren will be coming to a certain town and we’re sorry we can’t confirm anything until it is officially announced. We also can’t confirm when tickets go on sale, this is decided by the venue.


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On Monday, China unveiled its plan to build a manned space station in the next decade. This announcement comes from a space program whose development has been, well, skyrocketing; China launched its first astronaut into Earth orbitin 2003 and completed itsfirst spacewalk in 2008. If things go as planned, the station would be the third ever multi-module space station, after Russia’s Mir and the International Space Station.

The space station is currently dubbed Tiangong, meaning “heavenly palace,” but that moniker may not be permanent; China’s space agency is taking suggestions for new names via email.

Designed for a three-person crew, the space station will consist of one core module and two lab units for conducting experiments in astronomy, biology (particularly as it pertains to space radiation), and microgravity.

Weighing in at 60 tons, Tiangong is significantly smaller than its predecessors (the ISS weighs 419 tons; Mir weighed 137).

For the full article head to Discover Magazine


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This is not new, but it’s a very effective advert that we somehow missed. Lovely, even if it did make someone just cry.
by Purple Content


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WIRED: When deprived of sleep, parts of the human brain may doze off, secretly snatching moments of slumber even as people seem to be awake.

That could explain why our sleep-deprived selves are so cognitively challenged: We are, if not precisely half-asleep, partially asleep.

“After a long period in an awake state, cortical neurons can go briefly ‘offline,’” wrote researchers led by University of Wisconsin neuroscientists Vladyslav Vyazovskiy and Giulio Tononi in a study published April 27 in Nature. “Although both EEG and behavior indicate wakefulness, local populations of neurons in the cortex may be falling asleep, with negative consequences for performance.”

To study rats’ neurology, Tononi’s team wired their brains to an EEG machine, kept them awake longer than usual, and looked for patterns in readouts of their brains’ electrical activity.

They found that scattered neurons throughout the rats’ brains gradually alternated between periods of activity and inactivity — a pattern associated with deep sleep, not wakefulness. But unlike their synchronization during sleep, these oscillations were brief and disjointed.

Full Story at WIRED


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FEATURED Infamous Brochure

Infamous Brochure
I came to see the Infamous tour in Southampton (April 11). Derren is my biggest hero, and I found myself incredibly lucky enough to be up on stage with him. Derren was as genuine and charming as I'd always hoped (which proved a contrast to my nervous and shaky demeanour). He is a brilliant showman and an all-round pleasure to watch. The show was sensationally mind-blowing - I'll be sure that I never miss another. Thank you Derren, for everything that you do. Sorry I was so shaky! Grace
Kay le poidevin
Really looking forward to tonight in Southaampton, bought tickets for husband, Terry's birthday. It's not today, it was in February.)
Sandra B. Myers
Derren Brown, For my daughter's birthday gift in November of 2013, I gave her a ticket to your show. For Christmas, I gave her a round trip ticket to London from Pensacola, Florida, our home. On my birthday, I flew from the Middle East, where I'm teaching English, to join her. On the 25th of March, you gave us your best. It was the highlight of our First English Spring Tour. No matter how far apart we are in the world or mindset, we both agree...we have no idea how you do it! And we like it that way.
Hannah A
I saw Derren at Leeds on 25th and I am still - 4 days on - utterly blown away by his incredible talent and incredible show! I have never ever had the pleasure of seeing him live before, but I will never miss an opportunity again. Someone as talented as Derren Brown is a MUST SEE. He's mesmerising, spellbinding, inspiring, jaw droppingly amazing. This experience is something I will take away with me forever and a day! Thank you SO much for bringing this show to Leeds! But goin forward, if travel roun te country to see you - you are THAT good :)