An apology

…in advance if it all goes wrong tonight. We’ll just remember the good times. My lift has arrived, I must go. Thank you for all your kind offers to buy tickets on my behalf if I pass on the numbers, I am very touched.

Wish me luck, and I hope not to be a very embarrassed beardy-man later this evening. If you’re playing, you have good luck too.

Have lovely days. Spare a thought for me around 10.36.


The Events

The Mirror and the Sun are correct. I’ve just got up, or you’d have got it earlier yourselves. I shall try and predict at least 5 out of the 6 balls correctly. I apologise now if it goes boobs-up.

This the culmination of a LOT of secret work and research. On Weds night, live at 10.35 pm, it will cut across all Channel 4 channels, and be broadcast on buildings in

• London – Tate Modern
• Manchester – Premier Lodge(back-up Deansgate Lock)
• Birmingham– 5-ways Entertainment Complex/Bull-ring (Moor St Side as back-up)
• Edinburgh– Hunter Square(back-up Museum of Scotland)

Then, on the first Friday night EVENTS one-hour special (9pm, C4, Fri 11th), I’ll show you how I did it.

The following Fridays will offer other ambitious live or interactive stunts and treats:
– A subliminal piece of media that will stick you to your seats at home.
– A nationwide psychic experiment
– A casino-related scam with a twist.

I’ll let you know more each week.

Wish me luck for Wednesday – I might even pray.

A relief to finally be able to talk about it! xx

The Events – How to win the National Lottery

According to the Mirror:

It could be a load of old balls, but illusionist Derren Brown reckons he’ll predict the Lottery numbers live on TV just minutes before the draw. In a 10-minute Channel 4 special on Wednesday, broadcast at the same time as BBC1’s National Lottery Live draw, Brown will try to PICK the six numbers correctly.

The mind-bending performer promises to reveal his technique to viewers in an hour-long follow-up programme on Friday. Brown, 38, admits: If this one goes wrong, it could be a career-breaker. Wednesday nights jackpot stands at £2.4million, but C4 bosses have banned Brown from buying a ticket.

Last night he told the Mirror: “I realise there are a lot of questions this brings up and I hope they will be answered on the Friday night follow-up show. For now, Im really excited and really nervous.”

Derren Brown: The Events – Interview


Doing an interview with someone who can’t talk freely about their latest project can be problematic. Especially, if you’re interviewing them about, um, their latest project. But when the person being interviewed is Derren Brown, the extraordinary psychological illusionist, you have to accept that normal rules don’t apply. You can also be sure that, when the series does come along, you’ll spend much of it with your jaw on the floor. This is the man who has done much to make the world of magic and illusions cool again, following the hackneyed routines of a generation of TV magicians in ill-fitting brown velvet suits.

Here, Derren Brown reveals (a little) about his new series, and explains why it will have viewers stuck to their seats. Literally.

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Virtual barbershop

You may know this already, but if you don’t it’s a great, fun thing. If a little wordy, but hey. Put some headphones on, close your eyes, and let your brain do the rest. It’s very effective.

Enjoy your weekends, The Events fun and games will heat up from Monday.