Despite only having been on Twitter since shortly before The Events, the unusual but rapid climb of a certain handsomely dressed mind mingler has raised an eyebrow or two. Many of you have questioned as to how Mr  Brown has managed to achieve such results in such a short period of time (as if we’d tell you!) – but all talk of embedded messages and subliminal tweeting is hugely encouraged.

So now in to the UK top 20 slides Mr Brown along with an increase in followers that is usually reserved for those with 1million+ followers.

I’m sure this is all down to his devastating wit and repartee and has urged many of you to vote for him on the Mashable Awards as Most Goateed Twitter User – very nice of you all and thank you so much for the support and lovely messages.

We’re looking to encourage more of the Enigma Crew on to twitter when the next tour goes out. In the mean time you can follow (@lordcoopy – for art updates and tour news, @phillisdorris – for all the stuff too naughty to put on here and @AbeoDbart – for technical and twitter tips).