Yes you read it right and it’s only taken us a whole friggin year. Lots of pushing back and forth between TV companies, managers, copyright lawyers, human rights groups, gay activists, animal welfare research scientists and an army of Puerto Rican immigration officials has laboured the slow task of amassing all the content and arranging it in a format suitable for your new iPad, HTC phone or Commodore 64. Well now it’s ready.

There’s a stack of new content and stuff to browse – we’ll also be adding things as we go along. We will be on the look out for those of you who have stuff we’ve missed, radio interviews, paper clippings, nuggets of joy or long suppressed images of DB’s “bad hair” phase.

We will also happily entertain those of you who are vigilant, well versed and keen-eyed to point out the mistakes, glitches and bugs you come across. We’re even open to the Grammar-Nazi Clan still working on Windows ME who wish death upon us for a misplaced Hungarian umlaut on some of the fan pages we have nothing to do with.

For those of you who are more original thinkers who want to suggest content such as an interactive hamster suppressant or things such as this are welcome to send in ideas and we will consider any on site proposal no matter how utterly ridiculous. Best one wins a bunch of stuff I found in a room no one knew existed here at Brown Towers. I (Phillis) will be tweeting the best and worst ones and may reward both.

Ideas, feedback and insults should be aimed at Phillis Dorris the site CONTENT admin – or tweet me @phillisdorris. Glitches and bugs should be sent to the TECHNICAL admin Abeo – or tweet her on @abeodbart, but please check you’ve spotted a genuine mistake as “my hard drive is full of porn” is really not our issue.

There’s no official launch time as the servers hate spikes. So we’ll open up bits over the day and allow you all access in an orderly fashion. We hope you enjoy.

Edit: Site is now Live, visit