So finally after years of Derren resisting we have the DERREN BROWN OFFICAL FACEBOOK PAGE. As you all know Facebook gives you terminal brain cancer (or so some people might have you believe) – so DB has avoided it. Well quite a few of you commented that you’d seen spoilers and unwelcome links on the current “official” facebook page (the one that has 30k+ fans) and wanted to know why – answer is – it’s not us!

We tried to contact the owner with little success – so we have requested the WE (yes you lot too) rise up and take control of the Facebookings. So go visit – become a friend and see everything you see at the blog on facebook – amazing. “OH Derren – but why have a facebook page when the blog is so utterly amazing?” I hear millions of you chant with worrying precision. Well upload YOUR FAN PHOTOS and we will also seek to have a little discussion on there too and we’ll be dipping in regularly to pick people at random and send them things – woo wee!!!

Derren Brown Facebook Page