A bloody great big THANK YOU to you all – hoping you have a good xmas and a great new year. Several of us will be traveling to the far flung regions of the world or crawling under a rock whilst the quietness allows us to – the blog will calm down a little and we will tweak and tinker with it over the quiet period – so sorry if it goes down a few times.

You’ve all been great sending in your wonderful comments, links, complaints, advice, updates, personal tragedies of cat deaths and strange personal situations. We appreciate it all including the good and the bad as it helps us make this blog what you guys want, lets us know where were going right and wrong and adequately pumps our egos.

We’re so very close to 1 MILLION hits it should happen in the next week which is a great way to start the new year. Please keep sending us your thoughts even if we can’t reply and always feel free to leave comments – even if you are from somewhere weird like Iceland, the USA or the DBFF!.

Expect better content on the blog – the new DB art site will launch feb/march and eventually around april we should see the new main site launch which will be a lot of fun, very interactive and have a pile of juicy content and some incredibly great stuff that we can’t wait to give away.


Coops, Mr Brown and the reprebates.