Many people have contacted us about certain editions of the Trick Of The Mind DVD having missing commentary. This was due to a format being re-pressed that didn’t contain a commentary whilst it was listed on the sales blurb. Well for those of you who are a little disappointed in this here’s a small ray of sunshine for you.

Click the following links to download the commentary as mp3 files then you can play them on an iPod or laptop or other device whist you watch the DVD in true old school style.

You can download them in mp3 format:
Here and Here.

Update – sever flipped a little last night when it got a few too many hits sorry about that – oh and if there’s anyone from the US reading this – can you let me know why your downloading it? πŸ˜‰

I must personally thank Michelle for bringing this to our attention and Billie who seems to be the original activist. Thanks people.