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Posted by Derren Brown News January 20, 2010 at 8:56 pm

12th Jan – Been run down, limp and covered in snot all week. Not shifting. Cough! You all have my germs, how unfair.

12th Jan – Send me your top joke and if I like yours best I’ll follow you and RT all your tweets til I feel better and have something to say.

12th Jan – Fave so far RT @DanielNothing Throwing acid is wrong. In some people’s eyes.

12th Jan – Great but can’t ALL be Jimmy Carr RT @AnnekaHansen why don’t boxers have sex before a fight? Because they don’t fancy each other.

12th Jan – Generally poor, but occasional goodie: RT @nickhucks When women live together, apparently their periods become synchronised. I found that out from two girls who share a pad.

12th Jan – Will check later in the day: must go to meeting now. Suggest leaving it for a few hours so your top notch entries don’t get lost.

12th Jan – Getting better. RT @luke_griffin20 what’s brown and sticky?…human shit.

12th Jan – Vg RT @SeanTobinMagic I went to see my bank manager and he said that I am going to have to pay interest. I tried, but it was so boring.

12th Jan – Right. No more jokes PLEASE. Horrendous. And so many of you wish to die like your grandfathers. Shall keep wading and make a decision.

12th Jan@WillMcAlpine You win the dog category, definitely. X

13th Jan – Brilliant but knew it RT @MrWriteCzech What did Sigmund Freud say comes between fear and sex? Answer: Funf.

13th Jan – Good, yes, certainly. RT @Lukeandedshow 6/7 dwarves aren’t happy.

13th Jan – Great joke RT @thetimebank – clement freud, RIP !!

13th Jan – Satisfying. Winner soon RT @danielament just one, just one; what did the frog say to Bob Marley? reggae

13th Jan – Balancing decent joke with avoidance of obscenity and a twitterer I won’t deeply regret RTing. Hmm…

13th Jan – Winner declared. Thank you all. Cleverclever rather than ROFL, but standard of non-obscene ones v. poor… @MrWriteCzech What did Sigmund Freud say comes between fear and sex? Answer: Funf.

13th Jan – I shall be RTing @MrWriteCzech‘s tweets for a day or two. MWC, enjoy your 400k followers. Everyone be nice, even if you loved your joke…

13th Jan – Bit of a jump from 31 followers. Joke first told to me by @philosophybytes

13th Jan – Many of you didn’t get it. Makes it a wee bit funnier of course.

13th Jan – Doh! right in there with a pitch RT @MrWriteCzech learn French with jokes if that’s your thing.

13th Jan – RT @MrWriteCzech I put up a new bookshelf in a hurry. Sadlly it fell down and hit me on the head. I suppose I only have my shelf to blame.

13th Jan@danielament yours was second best, promise. Might have picked you if you’d have had more tweets. Sent you dm, if you’ve worked those out.

13th Jan – Sweet idea. (He prob sells these too…) RT @MrWriteCzech can anyone tell me who the singer is in this ad?

14th Jan – Obliged to RT @MrWriteCzech #ebooks should do more than pbooks. to see just some of the potential. – and have a laugh.

14th Jan – That’s SO true RT @MrWriteCzech Those of you who didn’t know DB speaks German should read his book, Tricks of the Mind.

14th Jan – Just so new followers know, I’m re-tweeting anything from @MrWriteCzech who won a competition. Just for another day at the most. X

14th Jan – ??RT @MrWriteCzech Not sure why DB has a ‘did-you-spill-my-girlfriend?’ look on his face on the cover of his book

14th Jan – RT @_duncanhall Not sure how exactly you spill a girl/boy friend, but the man has a point, you do look fairly ‘rapey’.

14th Jan – Think I may start RTing utterly random people to see what happens. That’s what I’m going to do.

14th Jan – Random RT @blueradiorecord currently drawing thousands of ships

14th Jan – Random RT @travisalex Allston: who got the weed? Austin and I want nugget.

15th Jan – Random RT @Shayla_Bieber Omg. I am soo effin bored at home. : someone please tweet me. I am so bored -_-

15th Jan – This is too much fun RT @domster1983 @McRoach pah, I wish. Just had a poo in location toilet tho, that makes for a good afternoon πŸ˜€

15th Jan@nomistheman excellent! Will do. X

15th Jan – Not any more #randomRT @Boo2AGoose Is there a more stylish man out there than george lamb… think i have a secret man crush on him!

15th Jan – Random person but typing in juicy phrases into ‘search’. Expect occasional #randomRT, start a trend, I’m too easily amused.

15th Jan – Last one for now… #randomRT @knightknight I just did a wee out of the wrong hole πŸ™

15th Jan – Ok that really is it now, off to bed #randomRT @tim7168 I really fancy the main character in Silent Witness.

15th Jan – RT @tim7168 I got retweeted by @derrenbrown! Woo!

15th Jan – RT @MrWriteCzech It was fun to see what an eclectic mix of followers Derren has. I enjoyed the banter and all the comments.

15th Jan – Big group hug for our guest tweeter and winner of the daft competition. Well done Jeremy! X

15th Jan – And apparently it was Tim Vine joke, so another thank you to Tim too.

15th Jan@JordanLWebb inundated. Probably 500+ to some. Only get to see a handful usually.

15th Jan – RT @richardcompton naughty christians! look what *else* they’ve been buying from Amazon

15th Jan – It’s the ‘also bought’ section that’s particularly rewarding.

15th Jan – Starting Michelangelo. Feels great, been ages RT @lordcoopy Look what db is up to! First time since Sept ’08!

January 20, 2010 at 10:13 pm

Ha ha look at all the RT’s from Derren this week!! (Sadly none of mine). Derren went ‘random retweet crazy’ last week. But it was great fun (esp if you stayed up as late as he did while they were coming through!)

Also, am absolutely delighted to know Derren is painting again, the rough sketch of the Michelangelo painting looks great! πŸ˜€

LC x

January 21, 2010 at 4:21 am
Bob says:

I can see why you might be tempted to tweet what you blog, and blog what you tweet. But these are different media and your fans select them based on what they expect to get out of them. I personally find it a drag to see tweets from Derren that are just links to the blog entries I’ll get to after work. Spamming all social media with all possible content rather than tuning your message to the medium’s strength is a sign that you haven’t really figured out social media.

(I still love you Derren and hope you come to San Francisco soon!)


Maybe you should look at our stats then (they speak rather loudly for themselves) – they won’t just disagree with you they’ll sleep with your sister and ruin your carpets. – Phillis

January 21, 2010 at 9:58 am
Raymond says:

Well here’s a joke in a mentalist setting?

What is a woman with ESP and PMS?
A know it all bitch.

January 21, 2010 at 3:37 pm

Bob – I get to a degree where you’re coming from, but there are probably some people who don’t understand Twitter & therefore don’t use it but would still like to know what Derren has to say.
I know that if Derren was saying stuff on MySpace (which I personally hardly ever use) I’d be immensely grateful to Phillis & Abeo for blogging it & thus giving other non MySpace users the chance to view what he says.
I like the blog posts being ‘individualised’ via the medium of tweeting. I can usually foresee straight away if it’s something I want to view now or leave til later. And I really don’t know why this would be classed as spamming when all content is different & people send links on Twitter all the time.

I think Phillis & Abeo etc, do a great job in all that they do for Derren. πŸ™‚

LC x

January 21, 2010 at 4:50 pm
Jess xxx says:

I love the third tweet from the bottom πŸ˜€ Saw what *else* Amazon’s Christian community had been buying alongside their communion wafers, and nearly died laughing!

January 21, 2010 at 6:34 pm
Jared says:

I rather disagree with the idea of keeping separate mediums completely separate.

I actually like getting references to blog posts from twitter. I can keep my phone watching twitter all day and then pop on the blog for posts that looked interesting. I might come to the blog less often than I would if they weren’t on twitter, but it saves me time and is much appreciated.

January 21, 2010 at 9:17 pm
spiderabc1 says:

Ignite: How to Spark Immediate Growth in Church looks an interesting read. Wouldn’t have seen this as I don’t tweet. Thanks to Abeo (and Lady Claire for standing by those who lack knowledge on social networking sites)

January 21, 2010 at 10:46 pm
Bob says:

Phillis wrote: “Maybe you should look at our stats then (they speak rather loudly for themselves) Γ’β‚¬β€œ they wonÒ€ℒt just disagree with you theyÒ€ℒll sleep with your sister and ruin your carpets. Γ’β‚¬β€œ Phillis”

Swoon… Phillis I hope you come to SF soon also. πŸ™‚