Brown Towers Twitter

So you screamed at us until blue in the face that you wanted a twitter feed. Rather than Derren himself “tweeting” about stuff – we decided we would have a joint account for us all to feed in to. The blog also feeds in so you can get updates to your phones, twitter feeds as soon as they are posted here. Blame Giant Alex for this one! (what ever next – a facebook account?!)

Simply follow “BrownTowers” on your twitter account.

There’s an RSS feed here too.

New Category

Dearest blog frequenters – you shouted – we responded! Many of you are constantly asking what Derren is reading, listening too or watching. Well in general reading seems to be the biggest deal due to the colossal pile of books that turns up every day.

There’s a rumour that Amazon have their own warehouse just to store DB’s orders and Brown Towers has a full time “Official Librarian” – although I haven’t actually seen him on the lower floors so far this year. Derren also has an e-reader – we will let you know how that pans out too.

So click on this feed in future and you’ll find a regular string of things that DB himself is reading or recommending and we will do our best to at least get a comment or two about it and you too can fill your house with plentiful amounts of clutter and crap.

Love Coops and Phillis

West End details – you heard it here first folks



The ‘G’ is pronounced. I shall be on London radio this morning plugging this for all its worth.

Tickets will go on sale 10.00am, Thursday 12 March. We’ll put a reminder here.

Adelphi Theatre

The Strand



Box Office: 0844 579 0090 (no booking fee)

Monday June 15 – Saturday July 18. All performances at 8.00pm, no performances Sunday.

Tickets: £25.00, £35.00, £45.00, plus limited number of £65 premium seats at each performance. The performance is not suitable for children under 12 years.

Hope to see some of you there.