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Derren Brown talks about happiness, the subject of his latest book, Happy.
This is your chance to meet the man and delve into his extraordinary mind.
The talk will be followed by an extended time for Derren to answer any questions you might have.
Early booking recommended.

Saturday 24th September – Assembly Hall, Tunbridge Wells
Sunday 25th September – The Anvil, Basingstoke
Saturday, 1st October – Concert hall, Reading
Saturday, 8th October – Dorking halls, Dorking
Friday 21st October – The Hawth, Crawley

More dates to be announced.


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9pm Tuesday 12th January on Channel 4.

MIRACLE TOUR 2015 / 2016

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Please send videos (less than 45 seconds) or photos that captures a special event or moment in your life. It doesn’t matter what it is so long as it is something you value as being a precious to you. No matter how momentous or silly you think it may feel. Perhaps taking part in a race you didn’t think you could finish, the moment you first saw a video of your baby on a scan, a photo or video with friends or loved ones that captures a moment that words cannot… Just so long as the photo or video isn’t rude, explicit or contains anything that will make us blush.
It would be great if you could include no more than 100 words about why this moment is so special to you. Only a few words if you like, it really doesn’t matter. It will just allow us to understand its context and meaning. We’ll be using it for a video we’re putting together to coincide with the tour for next year. Finally we ask that you only send in content if you are over 18 and solely own the copyright to your video or photo.
Videos: please send landscape videos in .mov format, preferably without compressing or reducing the picture or quality. 45 seconds or less. Ideally HD / 1920 x 1080 but if not, the best quality you have available.
Photos: please avoid compressing or reducing the size of your original.
A video or photo is fine. No more than two in total when you submit them.
If we choose your content, we will email you to ask for you to assign us the copyright that will allow us to use it for our purpose. This is your choice and we will email you to request permission to use your video(s) and/or photo(s).
Please send all of the following before Friday 12pm on 21st August via If you haven’t used it before, WeTransfer allows you to send larger files that we wouldn’t be able to receive via email. There is no need to sign up to the service if you don’t want to, just select skip and enter the following;
1) On use add files to attach your videos and/or photo (don’t forget, 45 seconds or less and please keep them as high quality as possible and avoid compressing).
2) Friend’s email – that’s us! Please enter – please don’t send your videos or pictures as attachments directly to us and only here, via WeTransfer.
3) Your email
4) Message. Please include contact details; your name, age, address and email. Vaudeville Productions Limited will keep your details just to enable us to contact you should we need to for the purpose of requesting copyright permission.
5) Please write 100 words or less about your moment. Maybe just a few words, so long as we know. Please also Include this in the ‘message’ section of WeTransfer.
Again, please only use WeTransfer and avoid sending anything directly to us as we won’t be able to receive it.
Thank you,
Vaudeville Productions Limited.


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Derren Brown: INFAMOUS 2014 tour

The least talked about* show of the past year is back on the road!

Derren Brown: INFAMOUS is is now touring theatres across the UK, so if you didn’t get the chance to see Derren performing his jaw-dropping new live show last year – this is your last chance! When the current tour ends, it will not be performed again. (more…)


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Posted by Derren Brown February 7, 2014 at 6:44 pm

The 2014 leg of Infamous starts on Tuesday in Brighton. It’s all very exciting. If you’re coming to see it, I really hope you enjoy the show – a lot of work and love goes into it. In the past I’ve always done my best to come out to stage door after and sign things and say hello, but this year, the eleventh year (I think) of touring, I’m going to have to stop doing that. This is a big shame, at least for me, as I always enjoy meeting people after the shows and I’m so grateful to anyone who buys a ticket and comes out to see it. The reason is – as some of you will know who have come on nights when I haven’t been able to come outside – my voice. Last year I had to cancel a couple of shows in the West End which is an appalling business, and I’m determined not to let that happen again. For weeks before that, my voice was a mess and I was back and forth to the hospital getting fixed up as well as I could. Looking after my voice is a big part of the show – hence I do a lot of vocal training and the like. And this is the longest tour I will have done. The moment my voice gets tired, I have to go into shut-down mode: no hanging around outside, no talking, a strangely monastic existence until the next show begins. The result last year was that on about, I don’t know, a third of the tour dates I couldn’t go out afterwards. Whereas I used to find 10-20 people and I would spend proper time having a nice relaxed chat, the numbers are now more like 60-100 people, which is amazing and wonderful, but I can no longer chat and sign AND be sure to keep my voice in shape for a six month tour of a two-hour one-man show six nights a week.

I apologise hugely to anyone who was hoping to say hello. I hope you’ll understand even if it’s a bit disappointing. There’ll be some who for whatever reason will be unable to summon any understanding, and will treat this as me just ‘not being bothered’. Most times I’ve apologised in the past for not coming out to sign, I’ve read similar comments telling me I’m just selfish and lazy, and that I owe it to my fans to spend time with them afterwards etc. That’ll happen again of course, and there’s not much I can do other than offer this explanation and apology. I promise that in the past I’ve spent far more time after shows with people than any other performer I know. This isn’t a lazy choice, and the thing I definitely do owe to fans is to put on the best show I possibly can, which is what this is about preserving. Any of you who work in theatre will already understand how this voice business is, and I hope any others of you who had hoped to say hello will understand too. And above all that you enjoy the show.