We got the show up on its feet today for a tech run… well, the first half, anyway, and then it was 10pm and everyone had to go home. I think it will be a good one. There are some previews later in the week, when some changes will be made, and then after a quick bout in Hastings it’s straight into a 4,500-seater in Bournemouth. Goodness me.

If you’re coming, I hope you like it. I hear the tour sold out a while ago, so if you don’t want to risk waiting for returns, get in for London while you can.

Meanwhile, to those of you who got up off your fat, wobbling, lardy sofas and bought tickets, I look forward to seeing you there. Have safe trips and I shall blog more often once I’m on the road.

I don’t want  to post any pictures that might spoil any surprises relating to what’s in the show, so here, instead, is a picture I took of a squirrel today: