I spent yesterday afternoon at Reece Shearsmith’s surprisingly leafy and sunny place watching the entire series of Psychoville. It’s extremely good – I’m sure fans of The League will be delighted. The performances are excellent and the writing absolutely spot-on. I really loved it. In particular don’t miss the fourth episode.

I brought biscuits, crisps and sandwiches for us, and left feeling like a fat pig.

This picture shows us in his magic den. He has in there a formidable collection of old books on spiritualism which he beat me to in an auction a while back. I covet them, and can’t believe I let them go. I think I hate him for that.

Last night, with the passing of Jackson, was one of those ‘I remember where I was’ moments. I found out at stage door, from some friends, and there was much discussion over post-show dinner. It is added to my list: Diana’s death happened when I was getting ready to go to London to attend the Bandler/McKenna NLP course. 9/11 was sat in an LA hotel room glued to the set. Those moments are somehow inextricably linked to mundane surroundings, as if everything becomes a little heightened at those times.

And lets have a little moment for Farah Fawcett too. I remember what I was doing then: I was online reading about Michael Jackson’s death.


Win Derren Brown ENIGMA tickets for 29 June 2009

Please note this was for June 2009 tickets and this competition is therefore closed.

Yes that right there’s a competition over at the facebook page run by Abeo:

Send your entries here. Again you can enter as many times as you like although this time it’s a little harder. We’re not so concerned if your not a fantastic artist/photoshop guru (like the one above from 6yr old Sarah) as it’s ideas that will win us over. However if you enter a stunning piece of artwork (that is your own!!!) that will impress us too.

Get your crayola out and good luck.


Moi on the radio

I have just done an interview in my dressing room with a nice chap called Roushan for ICRadio (a student broadcast for Imperial College). You can listen, or indeed listen again, at on Wednesday evening at eight (hopefully) or for a while thereafter. Have a listen, all the cool people do.