The 2009 Enigma Tour finished last night with a great night in Glasgow. Aside from one drunken woman who annoyed the audience and performer in the first half, (thankfully she left after security had a chat with her in the interval) the show was a terrific one to end on. I took a photograph of everyone as a memento. Here you all are:


Look at you, all dressed up and out for the evening. That’s what I look at every night, when the house lights come up. Bless any of you who think I can hit a stooge with a frisbee when it’s pitch black too. 

Thank you to everyone  who came along to see the touring show. Thank you to those who travelled; who spent ludicrous amounts on ebay tickets or more than they could justify on the regular ones; who came as birthday treats; who queued in the cold or rain; who brought sweet and touching gifts. We all enjoyed this tour more than any other, and are very excited to be bringing it to town. I only managed to get about twenty pages of the new book written, which brings me up to nearly a hundred, but I shall persevere during my days in London. 

A final thank you to the excellent bar staff of the Radisson SAS in Glasgow for looking after us so well: Ash, Mirka, the glorious Rebecca and others. 

Please keep the secrets secret and the surprises surprising! Thank you for all being so good so far. I’m heading out for dinner to catch up with my beloved. Much love to the lot of you, and see even more of you in London.