Bhopal Gas leak disaster

An awareness project as we approach the anniversary of a terrible disaster which has killed more people than Chernobyl. It seems that the company at fault managed to dodge liability. Please have a read and support if you can. This message from the appeal:

Wednesday 3 December is the 25th Anniversary of The Union Carbide Bhopal Gas leak disaster which has, to date, killed 25,000 in Bhopal, India.  Today the site remains contaminated, and the people of Bhopal are still dying, poisoned by a contaminated water supply:
The story is growing worldwide, with protests next week planned  in 25 countries.
We, The Bhopal Medical Appeal, are a UK charity that offers free health care and hope to the survivors of the 1984 Union Carbide gas leak disaster and those suffering from the present day water poisoning.
You could help support our work:
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Competition roundup – win stuff for xmas


Just to remind you all that the last few days of the fantastic competitions out there are ending on Dec 1st.

First up we have the Parrot Zoo – Poly Wants a Cracker huge draw. With 15 prizes and only a few hundred entrants you have a pretty good chance. We know the pay pal option is a little sticky, but it’s out of our hands and has held a few people up, but we decided to make it part of the competition – 😉

Click here to enter.

Second is the Why Do We Read ultimate magic book comp. Win the incredible TASCHEN book of MAGIC 1400s-1950s, signed by Derren Brown himself and priced at a whopping £130 at the Taschen store – it’s a prize that any fan of magic would dream of owning. We’ve been told this is a very difficult competition and so entrant numbers are very low.

Click here to enter.

Any issues regarding these competitions please contact the relevant sites as they are not controlled by us. Good Luck (if you believe in that sort of thing).

Competitions galore: Win a pretty awesome Magic Book

Derren recently got a pretty big book of MAGIC from TASCHEN (MAGIC 1400s-1950s). The guys over at WhyDoWeRead heard and supplied us with a copy to give away to you lucky lot – oh and just to top if off we got Mr Brown to sign it too – imagine that in your xmas stocking. Enter here.

Don’t forget you can also enter the Polly Wants A Cracker competition at the Parrot Zoo. Entry numbers are low and theres 15 chances to win.