Something to keep Seth Myers up late at night

Derren Brown paid another visit to Rockefeller Center – this time to the set of Late Night in Studio 8G to give Seth Myers a tiny taste of Secret

An exchange of skills between Lin Manuel Miranda and Derren Brown

Derren met up with Lin Manuel Miranda and the cast of Freestyle Love Supreme to play a quick round of everyone’s favourite family pastime ‘I hope I don’t stab myself in the hand with a 7-inch nail hidden inside this paper bag’.

(If you want to see the video Derren shows them where he gets it very painfully wrong in rehearsal, you can watch it on twitter here)

LIVE! with Kelly and Ryan and Derren

Derren travelled up to ABC Studios in Manhattan’s Upper West Side to drop in on LIVE! with Kelly and Ryan and muck about a bit with their exquisitely-coiffed craniums.

Derren Brown is star-struck by Glenn Close

It’s not quite the Fight Club sequel you were perhaps hoping for, but when Derren asks Glenn Close to hit him as hard as she can, well, see for yourself…

Derren Brown plays mind games with the cast of Hamilton

In between shows one afternoon, Derren went along to the Richard Rodgers Theatre on West 46th Street to mess with the minds of the cast of Hamilton…

I got George Washington to push a needle through his hand – which I never thought I’d say…”
Derren Brown