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Come and be involved in my nationwide experiment, and be part of The Events.

Yesterday evening, a curator of London’s famous Science Museum drew a picture in secret, wrapped it up in newspaper and placed it in the museum on display. No-one but she knows what it is.

Until next Thursday, 3rd Sept, this picture will remain on display for any of you who wish to take part, to come and look at the wrapped-up picture and attempt to sense what the image is. The only limitation placed on the curator is that she was to draw some ‘simple design’, to make the image relatively straightforward.

ellis 3

If you would like to take part in this experiment into psychic ability which will form part of one of The Events, please visit the Science Museum and follow the signs to the picture.

Good luck! Your guesses will be shown on TV in September.

Best wishes to you all,


Location details :

The Science Museum
Exhibition Rd
South Kensington

Prank at Bristol Zoo

Those of you who have read Tricks of The Mind may remember the spider prank I played with a flatmate. He’s just rather brilliantly amused himself at Bristol Zoo and sent me this little film of the result. It’s priceless. Go and see it if you’re nearby. It’s a lovely zoo – I used to take myself there every year on my birthday – and tell the staff you think this is a fine and witty feature. It’s still there apparently.

Huzzah for medicine that works

Well, good news. The hard work of Sense About Science has brought about a definitive statement from the World Health Organisation that condemns the use of homeopathy for serious diseases, clarifying that it cannot treat such things. Turns out the preference is for medicine that works, and stands up to trails and testing. How ‘western’ and ‘narrow-minded’!

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