The Mirror and the Sun are correct. I’ve just got up, or you’d have got it earlier yourselves. I shall try and predict at least 5 out of the 6 balls correctly. I apologise now if it goes boobs-up.

This the culmination of a LOT of secret work and research. On Weds night, live at 10.35 pm, it will cut across all Channel 4 channels, and be broadcast on buildings in

• London – Tate Modern
• Manchester – Premier Lodge(back-up Deansgate Lock)
• Birmingham– 5-ways Entertainment Complex/Bull-ring (Moor St Side as back-up)
• Edinburgh– Hunter Square(back-up Museum of Scotland)

Then, on the first Friday night EVENTS one-hour special (9pm, C4, Fri 11th), I’ll show you how I did it.

The following Fridays will offer other ambitious live or interactive stunts and treats:
– A subliminal piece of media that will stick you to your seats at home.
– A nationwide psychic experiment
– A casino-related scam with a twist.

I’ll let you know more each week.

Wish me luck for Wednesday – I might even pray.

A relief to finally be able to talk about it! xx