Derren Brown: The Events – Interview


Doing an interview with someone who can’t talk freely about their latest project can be problematic. Especially, if you’re interviewing them about, um, their latest project. But when the person being interviewed is Derren Brown, the extraordinary psychological illusionist, you have to accept that normal rules don’t apply. You can also be sure that, when the series does come along, you’ll spend much of it with your jaw on the floor. This is the man who has done much to make the world of magic and illusions cool again, following the hackneyed routines of a generation of TV magicians in ill-fitting brown velvet suits.

Here, Derren Brown reveals (a little) about his new series, and explains why it will have viewers stuck to their seats. Literally.

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Rays of Sunshine

Kyle is 16 years old and comes from Hyde, Cheshire. He is living with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL).
Rays of Sunshine granted his greatest wish to meet Derren Brown and go to see his Enigma Show.

Rays of Sunshine