Sense about Science

Morning all.

Sense About Science is a much-needed organisation dedicated to balancing pseudo-science spread in much of the media, with proper facts about food, health and things that matter. Seeing as scare stories spread so well due to their media-friendliness, the scientific community has long needed a voice that would also work with the media rather than shy away from it.

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Treats and Smiles

Dearest People,

Welcome to “Coops’ Blog” ( A.K.A The Official Derren Brown Blog ) , where Coops (my trusty fat-thumbed PA) and I can brighten your mornings and add warm colours to your mid-afternoons with daily tidbits, news and fragments of fascination. I have largely given responsibility for this Blog to Coops, given my hectic celebrity schedule, as we get the new site up to speed. I shall contribute as I can personally, but meanwhile Coops is your main man. We’ll let you know what I’m up to and pass on everything that we feel you should know.
Thanking you.
From Derren