Morning all.

Sense About Science is a much-needed organisation dedicated to balancing pseudo-science spread in much of the media, with proper facts about food, health and things that matter. Seeing as scare stories spread so well due to their media-friendliness, the scientific community has long needed a voice that would also work with the media rather than shy away from it.

Their latest announcement:

A quick note to give you the advance on our publication ‘I’ve got nothing to lose by trying it’, a guide to weighing up claims about cures and treatments for long-term conditions. Online ads and chat-room conversations testify to the ‘incredible’ benefits of new medicines and treatments selling the empty promise of curing the incurable. The guide is being published by Sense About Science, with the Multiple Sclerosis Society, Motor Neurone Disease Association, Alzheimer’s Society and Parkinson’s Disease Society, and explains how to tell the beneficial from the bogus in the face of the miracle cure stories, new wonder-drugs and breakthrough therapies that are increasingly promoted.

Please look out for it in most newspapers and news programmes from Monday. You will be able to download a free copy from from 00:01 hrs Monday.

This is an excellent resource: spread the word.

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