The other night I went to the cast and crew screening of Mark Gatiss’ Crooked House, an excellent ghost story collection for Christmas.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Mark’s work, as many of you will be too. It’s a very well-written, beautifully-filmed, very effective treat, and I hope you’ll all make sure you watch it.

To those few of you who may have gotten over-excited by the exaggerated reports of my ‘first dramatic role’ in some areas of the press, please drastically lower your expectations of my personal part in this. I do have a tiny, barely-speaking cameo, safely nestled amongst the proper actors, and I’m sure you’ll cheer and be amused in all the right places, but blink and you’ll miss me.

Enjoy it – it plays on BBC 4 over Christmas on December 22, 23 and 24. Or even better, you could watch the omnibus edition of all three at 9 pm on Saturday 27 December.

Ho Ho Ho.