I’m at my best when I’m on my own and reading. It takes me back to my 20s when I was living in Bristol, doing magic shows. I spent the rest of my time drinking tea with my nose in a book.

Those closest to me would describe me as very different from the guy on TV. I’m a lot sillier and more friendly. I enjoy making others laugh. The telly guy is really controlling, but that’s because of my job.

One thing about my past I don’t admit easily is I had a bit of a kleptomaniac phase in the ’80s. I’d steal CDs, toys and gadgets from shops. I remember looking round my bedroom as a kid and thinking: “God, I’ve stolen pretty much everything in here.” I never got caught and stopped as I got older.

The three things I’d want on a desert island are my Mac, a router and a very long cable to plug them in. I get frustrated if I can’t keep in touch with people, plus I imagine the appeal of pornography would be strong if I was alone!

One thing I’d like to do before I die is travel more. My job takes me to Europe and America, but they’re obvious places. I’ve never been off the beaten track.

If I advertised myself on a dating site, it would read “Nice guy wants to meet nice guy.” So much these days is about being goal-driven, but being kind is the greatest asset you can have.

The thing I like least about myself is my shape. I was skinny until I was 30 so never did any sport. But now my metabolism’s changed, I have to make an effort to keep trim.

My fantasy dinner date would be my friend Joe, who lives in Sweden. I’ve met a few of my idols and they’re always a disappointment. I usually clam up and come away feeling like I’ve been boring.

The thing I value most is the quality of loveliness. It’s undervalued.
My biggest regret is not sleeping with more people when I was younger – I was a bit of a loner.

If I wasn’t a magician I’d paint. It’s always been my first love – but I don’t know how much of a living I’d make.

Answer the following

I’m often overcome by strong emotions: Never

My friends think I’m very outgoing: Never

I love debating intellectual ideas and concepts: Always

I’m very energetic and live a fast-paced life: Never

I enjoy making people feel appreciated: Always

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