Tonight at 10pm on Ch4 – the second episode of Derren Brown Investigates.

Many modern day forms of spiritualism, life skills and self-help systems have taken on ‘pure science’ motif. They claim to have discovered unique techniques, based on scientific methods that deliver actual results, but only when you attend their 6 week course at a special introductory rate.

Scientology focuses on the nature of personal development at the core of it’s spiritual message, NLP claims to give you life tools to help improve yourself or rid yourself of phobias and many new age spiritual gurus like Deepak Chopra will commonly feature their own slant of quantum physics in conjunction with enhanced human capability.

In this show Derren visits Europe where he engages with the Bronnikov Centre, a school that claims it has managed to create a bio-computer you can install programming on, to achieve incredible results. From blindfolded reading to diagnosing illness without the use of any equipment – Derren Brown Investigates.