A rather lovely boxset of Derren at his very best.

This contains three of our man’s must-see live theatre shows, including:

An Evening of Wonders
The psychological illusionist takes us on a journey through mind control and subliminal suggestion and recreates the jaw-dropping ‘Oracle Act’ from the turn of the 20th century. The show features audience participation, shocking stunts and mind games, as Derren shows why you have to see him live.

Something Wicked This Way Comes
This DVD features the Olivier Award-winning stage show. Derren stops his pulse, walks on glass, and armed only with a few newspapers drives the show to a tour-de-force finale of prediction, influence and showmanship that will leave you breathless.

A special tone leaves the audience hypnotised and a woman finds herself sleep-walking through the rows. Is a supernatural force summoned within the Spirit Cabinet or is the medium somehow doing Brown’s bidding? Derren is again at his finest in this stunning theatrical event that brought him more rave reviews up and down the country and “sees him climb to artistic heights rarely, if ever, achieved by any other legends of the magical arts” (Time Out).

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