Entries to apply for a certain future TV show will be closing tonight. For those of you who have tried emailing and not got a response, we suggest you find a different email address to use (you can apply through a friends or relatives as long as they haven’t applied).

There’s been a lot of questions which have been updated and answered here. Sorry if you’ve not been able to get through, Objective did have a huge influx originally but things have calmed down considerably so if you’re still having problems it’s very likely to be at your end.

Sorry – but we cannot let ANYONE know if we received your application you’ll just have to put your trust in the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

After midnight tonight the golden email doors will be shut and further applications will be not accepted, no matter how bizzare an excuse you have.

Those who have been accepted, will be contacted in due time. We will email and phone so don’t worry about missing a message from Objective if you’re on holiday for a week.

We cannot answer any questions about when this will be either.

Good Luck.