Good Afternoon Labia and Genitals.

Just to let you know that yours truly is working on a 3-part documentary series which will hopefully be out and about at the start of next year. What, oh what oh what oh what are the documentaries going to be about, I like to imagine you asking. Well shush your lips up and I shall say.

The idea is to spend a week or so for each one-hour documentary with a person who makes some kind of paranormal claim, and see what they get up to. As a sceptic (as opposed to a cynic), I’m interested in to what extent the evidence for their claims holds up, and thusly and therefore will be asking what are hopefully all the right questions along the way. Doing what I do for a living, my desire for these claims to hold up is accompanied by the fact I would love to be convinced and for the claims to be true. After all, I spend most of my time fabricating those very powers or worlds myself.

So far I’ve made two, and we’re doing one more for now. If you like them, then hopefully there’ll be more again. It’s been a fascinating journey for me, and there have been surprises and things I’ve learnt along the way. There have been very uncomfortable moments and some particularly eye-opening ones. The documentary participants have surprised me, and dealt with questioning that must have seemed at times relentless and pedantic. I certainly don’t have quite the gung-ho scepticism I had: I’ve realised it’s a much more complex and human area than I had imagined.

I shall blog more on the subject when the docs come out. We’re unsure of the title at the moment: ‘Derren Brown meets…’ and ‘The Unexplained’ have been suggested, both of which make me feel a little wobbly.

Hope you’re all happy.