Subject to all sorts of possible changes, the following goodies (or baddies, really depends) are planned: the ‘Enigma‘ show should be broadcast (in it’s 3-hours-squeezed-into-one-and-a-half form) around mid-December, and hopefully in early January, a documentary about my good self will air for those who enjoy such things, alongside a broadcast of the most-voted-for-fave-special (you can vote, I am assured, here). My oldest pal from school (now a multi-award-winning filmmaker) was approached, quite by coincidence, to make the documentary, and it’s deepened our friendship and been a real joy exploring some nostalgic avenues together.

Also, in January, I’m quite excited that they’re planning to release a box-set of the stage shows (at least the ones that made it to TV). So Something Wicked, And Evening of Wonders, and Enigma will be all nicely packaged up for your DVD delectation. Imagine! What larks.

As you may know, I’m writing the new stage show, Svengali: the long and short of it is that we rehearse next January/Feb for the tour that starts in March. And somewhere in there we hope to film a new special, though when that will make the screens I have no idea.

Um, that’s it for now. Today I’m drinking tea and painting Patrick Hughes and I’ll show you that and the little story around it when it’s done.



Added by Abeo:
The Enigma DVD is available for Pre-order here (click here)
The Derren Brown Live Collection DVD is available for Pre-order here (click here)