There you are.

Having had a look at your comments, I was surprised that people thought I had asked for you to signh the Singh thingh. I re-read the post and realised that the quote at the end, from Simon, sounds like a plea from me. I wanted to raise awareness of the case, but please don’t sign anything unless you want to, and also understand and happen to agree with it. And as several of you have pointed out, this isn’t about whether or not chiropractors’ claims stand up, it’s about the appropriateness of libel as a way of silencing disagreement and avoiding debate. 

I’m now in Glasgow, for the last venue of the tour. It’s coming to an end. I then get a week for radio interviews, a bit of filming, and some discussions about changing anything in the show, and then we’re into dress runs at the Adelphi. Oh – what’s this?


Now that looks very handsome, doesn’t it? Oh yes it does. Look at those people walking past, all excited about it. They literally cannot believe it! Imagine the faces of their children when they get home and tell them what they’ve seen!

First night in Newcastle was marred by some lights not working right at the end, so you couldn’t quite see what was going on. The audience response to the finale was, understandably, the weakest of the tour. But a fun night nonetheless, and apart from this upset, it was a good show. The following two nights were great – some of the better moments of the tour, in fact. And some lovely people, as ever, hanging around outside, although I didn’t get much signing time. Apologies to anyone disappointed in the fact I had to rush past scribbling so illegibly on programmes, breasts and tickets. 

Glasgow was terrific last night: we have a couple of nights here at the Royal Concert Hall, a night off (the show has to be packed away), and then back up again for the final night on Sunday. A lovely city and venue to be finishing in. An exciting last little run and then we’re all getting geared up for the press night in London. 

Good Morning x