Well, that’s how you’d look if you were as overworked as me at the moment. Three new large acrylic-on-canvas portraits – my Mother, me, my Father – ready for my exhibition at the Hossack Gallery, Charlotte St, central London. They look after my paintings and sell prints and originals for anyone who has the wall-space and the stomach to want one at home. The exhibition runs from Thursday (Feb 24th) until March 12th. Details are here.

The self-portrait has been tricky, and involved a complete false start. I realise it may not be the image of quite the sparky so-and-so that you know and love… but hey, things don’t get more introspective than self-portraiture and I find this more interesting. And yes, that’s a more honest representation of my hairline once the very kind make-up artist has removed her handiwork after filming. I’ve been tweeting them as they’ve come together over the past few weeks, which has been much fun. And difficult in some ways: it’s normally the case that I wouldn’t show anything until it was ready.

After many fun years, I’m going to close down the derrenbrownart.com print-sale site and gallery, and hand over all sales and management to the Hossack Gallery. Aside from the originals, they will most likely only sell a very limited range of high-end Giclée prints, so if you’ve been thinking of getting a less expensive digi print, or any style of print of a particular portrait, it might be worth browsing the art site in the next few days while it still exists and they’re still for sale. Meanwhile a small gallery of some of the caricatures from that site along with new paintings will soon be viewable on my main site (www.derrenbrown.co.uk – part of which you are currently reading). And any new paintings will be posted, as they appear, on this blog.

Right! That done , I must use the rest of my Sunday to sign off the Faith Healer documentary special and work on the Svengali script. We open soon. Eek.

Must dash.