For those of you who have been having trouble getting through might want to try again today. We’ve had a thousand questions about the application – the answers are below.

But if you’ve had trouble we so far do keep trying as the initial heavy load seems to have now died down and the servers are coping with traffic levels.


I’m not 18 until (insert date) can I still apply?
You can apply and Objective will consider your proposal. If you aren’t 18 on the date mentioned in the application then the answer is “unfortunately no”.

I’m not from the UK can I still apply?
UK applicant only please. To find out where the UK is try this:

Do I have to send the application back to the email I got it from?
Yes. The forms need to be sent to Objective, if you email them to us we can’t forward them on, they need to come from YOUR email address.

Do I put a specific title in the subject line?
Anything will do but to make it easier please put “Completed Application”.

I’m still getting a delivery failure notice, what do I do?
Keep trying each day. There’s PLENTY of time to get your forms in, it’s not a first come first served basis and we will be taking application forms for the rest of this week and in to next week as well.

I Never got a form, can I still apply?
Yes and for several days to come too.

How do I sign a digital format?
You can print it out and sign it, take a photo on your phone and email it to yourself and include it with the form. Alternatively take a picture of your signature and copy and paste that in to the document.

Is there any way to check if my form has been received?
Unfortunately no, thousands of people have applied and we can’t look through every request we get. Sorry.

I sent in my application and got a form sent back, do you have my application?
Once we have your email that’s the email we need you to send the form back with. If you apply via one email and reply via another we may not accept your form. Please only use one email address and note that once we have your email stored we can then accept a form off you.

Is this a silly trick by Derren to get us all worked up after he said there would be no questions answered?
No this is a GENUINE REQUEST. We will not be answering any questions about the show.

When is the show and what’s it about?
See the answer to the last question.

I was born on a leap year and my doctor said to stay away from goateed men and I have to wash my hamster that morning – should I still apply?

TV Show – What? How do I apply?
Click here.

Thank you all for your patience.