Well, there we go. Just got back.

I couldn’t say before the film that it wouldn’t work on all of you, as expectation really helps it work. Apologies if the film didn’t work on you, and congrats if it did. We had about 50, 000 calls come in on the night. Even though clearly some of those 50k wouldn’t have stuck and were just phoning to mention their genitals, those clever people who understand how to calculate viewing figures (that’s done, amazingly, from a group of only 1000 people with special buttons on their TVs) and the like reckon that we are probably looking at about 10 times that number in terms of people actually affected. So perhaps 1/2 a million of you were affected – hopefully we’ll get a better sense of how many in the days to come. I say round it up to a BILLION though – it has a nice ring to it. But ask around, you should all know someone who it worked on (if it didn’t work on you).

Two people stuck in the TV gallery too, which was a cheap laugh for all of us.

Thank you so much for watching, I hope you enjoyed the show. Next week, pen and paper ready please.