On BBC4 tonight at 9 there is a programme about self-portraits. Featured in it is my dear friend Patrick Hughes, who creates astounding reverse-perspective paintings/sculptures that appear to move with you as you walk around the room.

I have a few of his pieces at home and it is delightful watching visitors unable to fathom what they are experiencing. He has recently cast my little head for a ‘reverspective’ portrait, and has also done one of himself, which will appear in the BBC4 show. Mine, I hear, is ready too, and I’m picking it up from him tomorrow. We’ve in fact done a portrait swap: I am painting him in return for his portrait of me.

I’ll feature both on this blog – including the pictures of me getting my head cast – when I have everything ready to show you. He is the most richly wonderful man, and a unique artist, so do catch the show tonight if you can to get a heads-up (pun intended) on this guy.