How can I find the latest tour dates?
The best way to find out any tour info as soon as it’s 100% confirmed is to follow the official Facebook or Twitter account. Any other info you see or hear is 100% unconfirmed, speculation or rumour. We can’t confirm anything until it’s official as things do change: venues like to publish possible dates before they’re confirmed, people sometimes hear possible dates and details get confused. We will announce your city as soon as we know.

I would like a one-to-one session with Derren.
Derren does not currently offer any one-to-one sessions.

I want to be a willing participant / victim / audience member for one of Derren’s shows, how can I sign up?
The best way to find out if he needs participants is to follow his blog, Facebook or Twitter account. It’s not often but if he needs people, he will request through those channels.

I’m having a test / exam / job review and I wanted Derren to put me in a heightened state of learning to pass.
Derren doesn’t offer any 1-2-1 services at all. It’s also considered cheating, which is allowed if you’re a wizard but not if you’re trying to pass your brain surgery practical.  If you want to find out memory techniques, there’s plenty in Derren’s Tricks of the Mind book and online.

I would like to become Derren’s apprentice, writing partner, friend or arch enemy.
You’ll have to ask Derren personally if ever you meet him. Several hundred requests turn up every month of this nature and if we were to accept even a small number Mr Brown would have enough people to form a small army. Feel free to friend him on Facebook or message him on Twitter but if you take a look at the millions of followers involved you’ll appreciate it’s not likely you’ll get a reply.

Do you have any idea when..(insert ANY question here)?
No we don’t – if we did we’d announce it on the Blog, Twitter, Facebook and we ring Derren’s mum and tell her. We don’t hoard information, hide it or look to somehow ruin your evening by stopping anyone find out when somethings going to happen.

Where is the official Derren Brown site?
You’re on it. The site is not a direct point of contact for Derren himself. He will not be in a position to answer emails or requests, given his work commitments and dog duties. Official Pages are listed below, not all of them are currently in use, but could be utilised in future:


Does Derren posses god-like or psychic skills and have messianic abilities?
Watching Derren’s shows may lead you to think that; however, Derren fuses magic, suggestion, misdirection, psychology and showmanship to appear to have god-like skills.

I want to request an interview with Derren.
A lot of people want to request an interview with Derren.
If you are an official newspaper, radio station or member of the press or media please use the Contact page

When is Derren coming to my country?
Derren will announce other countries in good time. At the moment he’s concentrating on the UK.

I have a condition and I would like to be healed/fixed
Derren is not a practitioner of any healing techniques and does not claim any such abilities. You should seek the help of a health-care professional who will be able to offer you the care you need.

Do you have RSS feeds for the blog?

If you would like one for all the comments, use this:

My comment on the blog has been deleted.
Please do not email us asking as to why your comments get deleted, edited, ignored etc. sometimes the spambots are a little eager, other times we just plain accidentally delete the wrong comment and there’s no way to retrieve it. Other times you inadvertently point out something to do with a show. Our full-time comment moderator Abeo will block your comment if you post anything unsavoury or post anything that might act as a spoiler.

Why does my comment on the blog say ‘awaiting moderation’?
All comments go for moderation; this is so we can avoid any tour spoilers being posted that could ruin it for the people who haven’t seen the show yet.

Can I get a signed object/photo?
Sending objects to us to get signed is a bad idea as they can get lost and you then lose your treasured item and we look like bad people. Derren usually appears at the stage door after shows unless he is protecting his voice.

How do I add photos to the official Facebook page?
Go to facebook.com/DerrenBrown and write on the wall. When you click ‘What’s on your mind?’ you get three icons just below, one of which is ‘Photo’. Click this and follow the instructions.

How do I get a picture next to my comments on the blog?
Sign up for a gravatar account and give yourself a profile picture. Bingo!

How do I find just Derren’s posts on the blog?
If you are looking for posts only by  Derren you will find them under Derren’s Posts.

Do you have a privacy policy?
Yes. Our privacy policy can be found here.

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