Response to the street photography competition on Instagram was sensational. Over 500 of you sent in pictures, and it’s been a real joy checking the feed and being surprised by what’s been appearing. Thank you so much.

My task has been to choose three winners to receive a signed copy of my photography book Meet The People With Love, including a top favourite who also gets a signed print from the store on this site. I thought I’d first share with you all a selection of my top favourites, before revealing the winners. There were about fifty which I adored and want to include here, but to save a long, long post, Ive narrowed them down to a smaller handful.

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Gorgeous. In making my final decisions, I tended to veer away from anything where the processing/filters overwhelmed or distracted from the subject matter, or the few lovely pics that didn’t really fall into the category of street photography (such as, technically, the lovely portrait of the Indian woman above).

Here then are the final winners. My opinion doesn’t count for much – plenty of other people will prefer ones I have passed over. And I couldn’t choose three, so I chose four. But inasmuch as I had to choose, these are the ones that stayed with me. Next three win the book, final one wins the book and print.

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And finally, my favourite. I didn’t expect to be choosing a colour photo, and I didn’t expect to be choosing a visual joke. But this has a gorgeous Parr-like quality that made it leap off the page for me: it made me look twice to check what I was seeing. It’s clear, the subject sings out, and the joke is warm and human. I love it. Thanks Rikardo.

Thank you everyone. I shall endeavour to notify the winners. Please have a look at #derrensinsta to look at all the entries, they’re wonderful.

Steven’s Q&A


Below we have a lovely Q&A by that young layabout from Derren Brown: Apocalypse (YEAH, DERREN BROWN: APOCALYPSE NOT STEVEN BROSNAN:APOCALYPSE THOUGH YOU’D NEVER GUESS IT WOULD YOU?). Steven asked his now roughly 15,000 followers on Twitter to send in any questions they wanted to about his experience and he has answered the most common ones below. I’m posting it here for him exactly as he wrote it, as he doesn’t have a blog.

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